5 Reasons Why Dental Insurance Isn’t Popular Amongst Today’s Consumers

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5 Reasons Why Dental Insurance Isn’t Popular Anymore

When it comes to your patients overall health, having good oral hygiene is imperative for their overall health as well as quality of life. Although this is the case, many patients refrain from investing in their dental care because of they don’t have dental insurance to help them access and pay for dental care.

Here are the top reasons why people are not purchasing dental insurance.

1. They have no existing conditions (that they are aware of).

People who do not have cavities and follow the precautionary and preventive steps to avoid cavities such as regular brushing and flossing, are still prone to tooth decay, tartar and plaque. Saying “I take really good care of my teeth so I don’t need to see the dentist” is not a valid excuse as twice yearly appointments are imperative for dentists to catch budding oral health problems before they become expensive.

2. Not many employers offer dental insurance to their employees anymore.

Roughly 30% of all employers offer their employees dental insurance. For the ones that do, they typically require their employees to cover the entire premium which results in a low number of employees opting in to the dental insurance offering.

3. Most dental insurance products have lengthy waiting periods.

Who wants to purchase dental insurance that they can’t fully utilize right away? Just about every dental insurance plan requires a 6 month waiting period for basic work and a 12 month period for major work.

4. Most dental insurance products have limitations.

“So after paying all these monthly premiums and playing the waiting game, my dental insurance will cover any work I need up to my $1,500 allowance, right?” Wrong. Most dental insurance products also include limitations on covered treatment. Need three of four fillings? Forget it. How about when you go in for a cleaning just to find out that you have periodontal disease, and now you need a scaling and root planing.

5. There are better options available to patients.

Ahh, the sigh of relief when a patient walks into their dental office and are presented with a cost effective solution such as an In-House Membership Plan. One simple annual payment and the patient can receive the transparent savings they’ve always longed for. No waiting periods, no frequencies, no yearly maximum – just an easy-to-use dental savings plan that that provides savings on all dental procedures.