Dental Savings Plans Enrollment Numbers Increase 20 Percent

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Here’s more proof that Dental Savings Plans – which include In-House Dental Plans offered by dental offices to uninsured patients – are more popular than ever amongst dental consumers.

Dental Savings Plans Enrollments Up 20%

Dental insurance is expensive and lacks value. Dentists know this. Patients know this.

So, with that being said, does it come at a surprise to learn that Dental Savings Plans enrollments, which include In-House Membership Plans offered within dental offices, continue to increase?

Here are some takeaways from a recent Dental Savings Plans survey conducted by InsuranceNewsNet:

  • Individual enrollment in Dental Savings Plans rose 20% to 7.76 million people in 2016 over 2015.
  • Growth is fueled by senior citizens on Medicare, which doesn’t cover dental services, and young consumers looking for discounts on services.
  • The Dental Savings Plan market is made up overwhelmingly – 89 percent – by individual and family plans with the remaining 11 percent made up by groups.
  • Proponents of Dental Savings Plans say they are more convenient and require far less paperwork than standard dental insurance.
  • As insurers scale back on dental coverage by raising deductibles, boosting copayments and increasing coinsurance payments, some say there’s little that dental insurance covers for the limited services.

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