5 Reasons Why Dental Insurance Isn’t Popular Amongst Today’s Consumers

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5 Reasons Why Dental Insurance Isn’t Popular Anymore

When it comes to your patients overall health, having good oral hygiene is imperative for their overall health as well as quality of life. Although this is the case, many patients refrain from investing in their dental care because of they don’t have dental insurance to help them access and pay for dental care.

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How to Use Your In-House Membership Plan to Attract New Patients

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How many people don’t have insurance?

According to the American Dental Association, 10.3 percent of children aged 2-18 don’t have dental insurance. It also states that 33.6 percent of adults aged 19-64 don’t either. That is an incredibly high number of Americans that have no dental coverage, and therefore are probably not going to get their teeth checked bi-annually, much less attending to dental emergencies or surgical needs that come up.

Additionally, according to the National Association of Dental Plans, in 2016 the dentally uninsured rate increased to nearly four times the medically uninsured rate within the first quarter of the year. This is a number that is projected to continue, leaving more Americans dentally uninsured than.

Having an In-House Membership Plan is attractive to uninsured patients.

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Having an In-House Membership Plan is highly attractive to the uninsured. Lack of coverage creates a barrier monetarily for many Americans, as it means they have to pay out of pocket not only for regular cleanings, but also x-rays, surgeries, and more.

In-House Membership Plans make these procedures affordable to anyone, even without coverage. If you advertise that you have one, it will draw in a whole new set of patients that you were unable to reach previously.

Attracting new patients

Our custom-made In-House Membership Plans will not only attract new patients, but it will make it easy to keep them. To start, we will work together with you to develop a personalized In-House Membership Plan that is perfect for your practice. This includes a website and marketing materials! We will then help maintain your records and the analytics going into the plans, as well as ensure that the patients have their dental cards. We make the entire process as simple as possible for your patients, thus making it easier for you.

Let us help you!

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Dental Savings Plans Enrollment Numbers Increase 20 Percent

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Here’s more proof that Dental Savings Plans – which include In-House Dental Plans offered by dental offices to uninsured patients – are more popular than ever amongst dental consumers.

Dental Savings Plans Enrollments Up 20%

Dental insurance is expensive and lacks value. Dentists know this. Patients know this.

So, with that being said, does it come at a surprise to learn that Dental Savings Plans enrollments, which include In-House Membership Plans offered within dental offices, continue to increase?

Here are some takeaways from a recent Dental Savings Plans survey conducted by InsuranceNewsNet:

  • Individual enrollment in Dental Savings Plans rose 20% to 7.76 million people in 2016 over 2015.
  • Growth is fueled by senior citizens on Medicare, which doesn’t cover dental services, and young consumers looking for discounts on services.
  • The Dental Savings Plan market is made up overwhelmingly – 89 percent – by individual and family plans with the remaining 11 percent made up by groups.
  • Proponents of Dental Savings Plans say they are more convenient and require far less paperwork than standard dental insurance.
  • As insurers scale back on dental coverage by raising deductibles, boosting copayments and increasing coinsurance payments, some say there’s little that dental insurance covers for the limited services.

Click here to read more about InsuranceNewsNet’s dental savings plan survey results.

Ready to implement your own In-House Dental Savings Plan?

Click here if you’re a dentist or office manager interested in reducing your practice’s and patients dependence on dental insurance by implementing your own proprietary, regulatory compliant, and professionally administered In-House Membership Plan with My Loyal Dental Plan.

What Dentists Need To Know About In-House Membership Plan Compliance

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Whether your offices currently have an In-House Dental Plan in place – or you’re considering implementing one in the future – it’s important you understand the rules & regulations governing  discount health care plans and how your plan can maintain regulatory compliance.

In-House Dental Plan Compliance

If you’re a dentist or office manager you’re probably already aware of some of today’s most frequently discussed compliance issues facing 21st century dental providers   – including OSHA, HIPAA, PPO and Medicaid related compliance matters. Well, times are changing and if it’s officially now time to add one more to that list: In-House Dental Plan compliance.

The nature of In-House Dental Plans and there growing popularity amongst dentists and patients alike has fostered a lot of systemic abuse resulting in a increase of rules and regulations.

As a result of this, there’s now 25+ states that require program operators to register their discount plan with appropriate state government agencies, and an additional 12 states have enacted state-specific laws regulating In-House Dental Plans in some fashion.

State-Specific Rules & Regulations

The most cumbersome – and important – rules and regulations affecting today’s In-House Dental Plans are illustrated in state-specific Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) licensing statutes and laws.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a “Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO)” is an entity that, in exchange for fees, dues, charges or other consideration, provides access for discount medical plan members to providers of medical or ancillary services and the right to receive medical or ancillary services from those providers at a discount.

While exact DMPO licensing requirements vary by state, most states require the program operator to attain and maintain DMPO compliance.

Here are some examples of those DMPO compliance-related tasks required by states:

  • Program operator (dental office) must submit a DMPO license application for review. A DMPO application typically requires the operator to pay an annual licensing fee, attain a surety bond, and get approval for their plan’s enrollment rates, member discounts and marketing materials.
  • Once approved, the program operator (dental office) must follow DMPO guidelines to maintain ongoing compliance with their state’s DMPO statues. Maintaining a license typically involves the operator to continue paying licensing and surety bond fees as well as provide detailed periodic reports (usually quarterly).

How can I assure my In-House Dental Plan is compliant?

In order for your In-House Dental Plan to be regulatory compliant you can either go through the cumbersome process of attaining and maintaining a DMPO license yourself – or you can take a much smarter, less cumbersome approach – and partner with a reputable company that’s already a licensed plan operator like Ascension Dental, the parent company of My Loyal Dental Plan.

In short, if you choose to create and manage your In-House Dental Plan with a licensed DMPO like a My Loyal Dental Plan you’re guaranteed to have an In-House Membership Plan that’s compliant with your state’s applicable rules & regulations governing discount health care plans.

If you have further questions about your states In-House Membership Plan compliance statutes or In-House Memberhsip Plans in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to assist!

The Fast Rise of Professionally Administered In-House Membership Plans

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They’re one of the most talked about trends in dentistry today; what exactly are professionally administered In-House Membership Plans and why are they so popular amongst today’s dentists?

What are In-House Membership Plans?

In-House Membership Plans, also referred to as an In-House Dental Plans, are not insurance but rather a licensed dental plans that are offered through dental offices directly to patients without insurance.

Unlike traditional dental insurance plans filled with red tape, In-House Membership Plans feature no waiting periods, maximums, exclusions or claims process. In exchange for a low annual fee, members receive transparent discounts on all dental procedures rendered at their dentist office.

Why are they so popular amongst dentists?

The popularity of In-House Membership Plans is directly correlated to the unpopularity of dental insurance amongst both dentists and patients.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, roughly 77 million Americans don’t have a dental plan and self-pay for dental care.

This has resulted in a large number of individuals and families either not going to the dentist at all or going only when they’re in need of significant dental work.

Combine this with the fact that large dental insurance companies like Delta Dental and United Concordia continue to lower reimbursement rates for network providers, it’s no secret why In-House Membership Plans are so popular amongst dentists.

Professional Administration vs. ‘Mom & Pop’ Administration

With so many ‘mom & pop’ In-House Membership Plans popping up in independent and small group dental offices nationwide, it’s very important to point out the administration features In-House Membership Plans must contain to actually increase an office’s case acceptance, services rendered and patient loyalty.

Until the recent launch of the My Loyal Dental Plan platform, professionally administered In-House Membership Plans have only been available to dentists affiliated large dental service organizations like North American Dental Group, Heartland Dental, and PDS.

Here are some features you’re In-House Membership Plan must have to be a success:

Regulatory Compliance. One of the biggest – and most important – features of a professionally administered In-House Membership Plan is that it’s regulatory compliant. Roughly 25 states now have Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) statutes on the books.

Membership Billing. Patients must pay a set membership fee to be a member of their dentist’s In-House Membership Plan. The membership fee should be billed separately from any services rendered fees and properly reflect the plan’s overall value to its members. Typically, dentists will require their patients pay their membership fee annually so they’re members are “locked in” and encouraged to come back to their office(s) for their regular scheduled treatment.

Member Terms & Conditions. An In-House Membership Plan must include a detailed Member Terms & Conditions document that’s in compliance with state DMPO regulations. The Member Terms & Conditions must be accepted by the member when enrolling in their dentist’s plan and should contain language clearly illustrating its participating dentists, membership costs, refund policy, member discounts and more.

Member ID Cards. An In-House Membership Plan should have a Member Welcome Kit that includes Member ID Cards with the member(s) name clearly illustrated. Patients that are a member of their dentist’s plan simply present their Member ID Card at the time of service to verify their eligibility for member-only discounts.

Member Renewals. One of the main reasons dentists utilize In-House Membership Plans is because they’re a great way to increase loyalty from self-pay patients. In order to actually accomplish this, an In-House Membership Plan must have a process to notify its members of their upcoming renewal so they’re encouraged they renew their membership and continue regularly scheduled visits. Today’s most successful In-House Membership Plans, including the ones administered by Ascension Dental, will notify its members of their upcoming renewals by proactively sending out a renewal letter (30 days prior), email (7 days prior) and making a courtesy call (5 days prior).

Ascension Dental Announces Launch of New In-House Dental Plan Platform For Independent Dentists

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Austin, TX (November 7, 2017) – Ascension Dental, the industry leader in the design, development, and administration of custom In-House Membership Plans for dental service organizations and dentists nationwide, today announced it has launched the My Loyal Dental Plan platform.

Developed specifically for dentists with 1-10 locations, the My Loyal Dental Plan platform allows dentists to easily create their own proprietary, regulatory compliant, professionally administered In-House Membership Plan and offer it directly to their patients.

My Loyal Dental Plan’s intuitive technology offers dentists step-by-step guidance on how to customize their membership program’s enrollment rates, member discounts, website, and marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, and more.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), approximately 74 million Americans don’t have dental insurance and elects to self-pay for their dental care. Additionally, many dental providers are seeking to reduce their dependence on third-party insured plans.

“Dental insurance companies continue to frustrate both dentists and patients with red tape, low reimbursement rates, coverage limitations, and inefficient claims processes,” says Eric Johnson, founder and chief executive officer of Ascension Dental. “As a result, professionally administered In-House Membership Plans have become a popular method for DSO’s to effectively service and retain self-pay patients. My Loyal Dental Plan gives independent and small group dental providers the ability to create their own custom In-House Membership Plan that includes the same dedicated administration support previously only available to large DSO’s.”

My Loyal Dental Plan’s experienced Support Specialists are available to consult with dental providers on how to structure their membership program’s enrollment rates, member discounts, marketing materials, and other custom program attributes.

The company also provides hands-on training for dental office staffs, custom marketing campaigns, materials and websites, real-time plan analytics reports, applicable state Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) compliance, membership billing and renewals, member welcome and renewal kits, member ID cards, and a dedicated patient helpline.

“The My Loyal Dental Plan platform gives dentists the flexibility to design a plan that best meets their patient population’s unique needs,” says Johnson. “We know first hand the type of marketing and administration support successful In-House Membership Plans must have and we couldn’t be more excited to bring these services on a turnkey basis to independent and small group dentists.”

About My Loyal Dental Plan

The My Loyal Dental Plan platform, powered by Ascension Dental, gives dental providers the ability to create a regulatory compliant and professionally administered In-House Membership Plan in minutes.

Launched November 1, 2017, My Loyal Dental Plan is available in most states nationwide to dental providers who operate 1-10 offices. For more information, please visit www.myloyaldentalplan.com.

About Ascension Dental

Ascension Dental is a privately-held company focused on providing essential technology and administrative capabilities to dental providers across the country. The company partners with dental providers to design, develop and administer progressive In-House Membership Plan solutions to help dentists more efficiently service and retain uninsured, self-pay patients.

Founded May 1, 2015, by experienced dental industry professionals, the Austin, Texas-based company currently serves hundreds of dental offices across 10+ states. For more information, please visit www.ascensiondental.com.


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