My Loyal Dental Plan

Ascension Dental Announces Launch of New In-House Dental Plan Platform For Independent Dentists

Austin, TX (November 7, 2017) – Ascension Dental, the industry leader in the design, development, and administration of custom In-House Dental Plans for DSO's and dentists nationwide, today announced it has launched the My Loyal Dental Plan platform.

What is the My Loyal Dental Plan platform?

We’re just a group of people that want to make creating your in-house dental plan easy as 1-2-3. Our goal is to help you help your patients, both current, and future, get the best dental experience possible.

How to Use Your In-House Dental Plan to Attract New Patients

According to the American Dental Association, 10.3 percent of children aged 2-18 don’t have dental insurance. It also states that 33.6 percent of adults aged 19-64 don’t either. That is an incredibly high number of Americans that have no dental coverage, and therefore are probably not going to get their teeth checked b...

Dental Savings Plans Enrollment Numbers Increase 20 Percent

Dental Savings Plans Enrollment Numbers Increase 20 Percent

Here's more proof that Dental Savings Plans, which include In-House Dental Plans offered by dental offices to uninsured patients, are more popular than ever amongst individuals and families.

In-House Dental Plan Compliance

What Dentists Need To Know About In-House Dental Plan Compliance

Whether your offices currently have an In-House Dental Plan in place - or you're considering implementing one in the future - it's important to understand the rules & regulations governing discount health care plans and how your plan can maintain regulatory compliance.

The Rise of Professionally Administered In-House Dental Plans

The Fast Rise of Professionally Administered In-House Dental Plans

They're one of the most talked about trends in dentistry today; what exactly are In-House Dental Plans and why are they so popular amongst today's successful dentists?